It's Episode Six Of What We're Gonna Keep Calling The Planet's Only Curry Podcast ...

We're always looking for listener feedback about Keep Calm And Curry Onthe planet's only curry podcast – and as you might expect, some of the same comments always come up. Stuff like: "It felt like it could have gone on forever!"; "Which one of you has the appealingly feminine voice?" And, in particular, "Is there any way it could be shorter?" Die-hard fans will be pleased to hear that we've managed to shave a few precious minutes off KCACO's running time, possibly after the belated realisation that if you want your podcast to eventually be listed on iTunes, it's probably not a fantastic idea to include entire music tracks. But never mind that, check out this fantastic spread enjoyed by Mumbai Me A Pony during a recent tour of Brighton ...

That impressive mixed grill looks like it could be a little deer! (An observation that will become hilarious once you've listened to The Tramp's full review of The Chilli Pickle on the podcast.) Also in episode six, there's a round-up of some recent curryhouse openings in Glasgow and the Tramps debate the pros and cons of having a curry for lunch if you're wooing new clients. And two genuine musical legends collaborate in the latest edition of The Tramp's Jukebox Puri. It's all there, stuffed into the Mixcloud player below ...

(Click here for more listening options and the show notes ...)

The podcast we occasionally call KCACO isn't yet available on iTunes, so if the embedded player above isn't doing it for you, you have a couple of other options:


And here are some useful links to what the Tramps (plural) cover in the episode, punctuated by some pics of The Tramp's (singular) feast at The Chilli Pickle. Mmmm ...

– Akbars has a company website, although there's not a load of info on their Glasgow branch yet

– Shahed's also has a website, albeit with scant info on their new Union Street branch

– check this website recommended by Brighton guide Jo-pati about local curry hotspots

– and here's the massive paper dosa Jo-pati had with her curry ...

– and here's The Tramp's tea, with paratha on the side:

– here's the Chilli Pickle site; they're also on Twitter

– the NME's new Indian website is at

– that Ravi Shankar/Philip Glass album Passages is available on

– and here's the full seven and a half minutes of Ragas In Minor Scale from Ravi and Phil ...

That's it! (And remember, if you want to get in touch, you can email the Tramps here.)

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