Jingle Is Massive! It's TATTGOC's Curr-istmas Gift Guide 2011 ...

It's the most wonderful time of the year! But along with all the joys to the world, ding-dongs merrily on high and weather systems outside that are indeed frightful, Christmas can also mean a not-inconsiderable amount of stress. So what should you get the curry lover in your life to ensure they have a suitably stuffed stocking? Sit down, pour yourself a hefty Whisky Mac and relax because, as ever, TATTGOC has got your back. It's time for Trampy and The Tramp's now bi-annual Christmas gift guide! So look out your credit card details, buy some gaudy gift tags from Poundland and let your fingers do the walking, as we guide you all the way from cheeky stocking fillers to eye-wateringly expensive status symbols ...

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Chilli Papas Spice Mixes!

Recently reviewed on this very blog, Chilli Papas range of spice mixes are the perfect stocking filler: colourful, inexpensive and potentially life-improving. If you're fed up of your curry-loving friend ordering takeaway all the time, nudge them towards entering the world of actual cooking with the easy-to-follow recipes from Chilli Papas. Before long, they'll be ganting to get a back-garden tandoor so they can do their own naans as well ...

Perfect for: The curry lover in your life, who could maybe cook a bit more.
How much? £1.99 for two mixes, or £10 for a selection.
Where from? Get 'em from the Chilli Papas eBay store.

Mr Singh's Punjabi Chilli Sauce!

Another former Tastin' With The Tramps candidate, Mr Singh's Chilli Sauce is piquant, delicious and versatile. The traditional but forward-looking family-run company have long perfected their punjabi chilli sauce recipe so have recently been experimenting with an even spicier "black label" variant. Stick it in a stocking to give it some considerable spicy heft, and don't be surprised if it's cracked open when the turkey breast gets handed round. (Not even Mr Singh's can save sprouts, though.)

Perfect for: The saucy lover in your life.
How much? £2 a jar, or three for £5.
Where from? Get 'em from the website, or search for your nearest stockist.

Compass Box Spice Tree Whisky!

India might be getting into the whisk(e)y game with the Amrut Single Malt, but for something a bit closer to home, you couldn't do better than Spice Tree, part of the signature range of blended malt whiskies from Edinburgh-based Compass Box. It doesn't taste of curry, of course, but it does have a spicier nose and body than most malts, and has an incredibly interesting story behind it (in a nutshell, Compass Box launched it in 2005 and were forced to stop making it in 2006 after the Scotch Whisky Association took umbrage at their secondary maturation technique – the full fascinating tale is available on the website.) A beautifully-produced whisky, Spice Tree recently went through an unofficial Tastin' With The Tramps at the hands of Trampy and The Duke, and while some of the memories are hazy, they are all warm.

Perfect for: The dedicated spirit lover in your life.
How much? £37 or thereabouts.
Where from? Get it from the Compass Box online shop, or specialists Quel Vin in Glasgow.

Mr Singh's India Haggis Pakora Class!

Not content with introducing the world to their more-ish curry pie, Glasgow institution Mr Singh's India also does an hour-long masterclass where one of their skilled in-house chefs will talk you through the process of making their rightly-famous haggis pakora. After getting set aboot the haggis and batter, you can then discuss your experience and technique over the (included) three-course meal. Unlike skydiving, it's the sort of gift where you should really go along as well, y'know, just to share the experience ...

Perfect for: The hands-on lover in your life.
How much? £69.95 per head, but watch out for online deals.
Where from? Sign 'em up at the Mr Singh's website (details under the "Videos" heading).

East India Company Spice Box/Empire Trunk!

Relaunched last year after a considerable furlough, the East India Company has a long and distinguished history – it was established in 1600 by Queen Elizabeth I – and this year has a long and increasingly expensive range of fine foods for wannabe gourmands everywhere. After browsing the extensive online catalogue, the Tramps had their heads turned by The Chilli Box, a £40 package that includes spice biscuits, marmalade, chilli jelly and more. But if you were feeling particularly flash, the East India Company does a savings-torpedoing Queen Elizabeth I Empire Trunk stuffed with biscuits, preserves, fine china, vintage wine, travel sweets and other royaltastic stuff. (The picture detail above is from the similarly stuffed Fortune Empire Trunk, a relative snip at £550.)

Perfect for: The luxury lover in your life.
How much? From £18 to £3500.
Where from? From the flagship store in Mayfair, or online

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Chilli Papa said...

Hi from Chilli Papas, we also have hampers. mini hampers and 'curry in a bag' ranging from £8-20 for collection or £13-£25 including delivery. These include a selection from Cobra Zero beer, chilli chutney, chilli chocolate and Chilli Papas curry mixes. Contact us at http://www.facebook.com/redhotchillipapas

Trampy said...

Everything you need for the curry lover in your life ...